Starlight Children’s Foundation Valentines Dance

DSC_9236 (1)I had an amazing time hanging out with these families at the Starlight Children’s Foundation Valentines Dance. Fills my hear with so much joy to see everyone having such a good time!

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Starlight Children’s Foundation Christmas Party

DSC_8868I had a chance to hang out with the staff, volunteers and families from Starlight Children’s Foundation this weekend at their Christmas party. If you aren’t familiar with Starlight, I encourage you to check them out. It’s a very cool organization that supports families with chronically sick children. It makes me wish I could do more to bless these wonderful families through my photography!

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A Photo A Day: Leaves in the Wind and Cattle in the City

DSC_8573So I’ve finished my second week of a photo-a-day. I did miss one day, because I was just too tired to think of a photo that day. I decided to make up for it by taking two pictures the next day. Since this project is not about perfection, I figure it’s all good :)

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Veteran’s Day Parade, Colorado Springs

Veteran's Day 2013 Colorado SpringsToday we say “thank you” to all of our veterans! It was a great turnout at the Colorado Springs parade downtown this weekend!

From a photography standpoint, it was also a good time to get out and play with my new Nikon 18mm-200mm lens. I definitely missed being able to open up to f2.8 since this new lens is a f3.4/5.6. (If you aren’t sure what that means, here’s an introduction to what aperture is and how it works.) but it’s a nice option for shooting in bright daylight and keeps me from having to change lenses all the time, since I only have one camera right now. The 18mm-200mm is also A LOT lighter than my faster glass. Continue reading