NASA Powerlifting Feb 2015

NASA Powerlifting meet Denver Feb 2015Had the opportunity to attend the NASA powerlifting meet in Denver last weekend. What an amazing group of athletes! So cool to see these men and women of all ages competing :) Hope you enjoy the pics! I have tons more, but these are some of my favorites!

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Powerlifting: Jeff, Vicki, Rick

DSC_3149My favorite power lifters are getting ready for their next NASA meet February 28th in Denver!  They are going to BRING IT!  If you need proof, just check out the pics :)

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Kickball League in Colorado Springs

Go Kickball league in Colorado Springs.  Fall Season 2014 playoffs at Memorial Park

So, I made a pretty awesome discovery recently. A kickball league in Colorado Springs. That’s right, people. A whole league, just for adults. I haven’t played kickball since grade school, but after having such a good time shooting the playoffs today, I’m thinking of picking up the sport again ;)

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