The Photo Nomad Does Sports

DSC_3235I love to photograph athletes in their element. The strength, power, will, tenacity, endurance and ferocity of an athlete doing what they do best.  That is pretty awesome to witness and even cooler to document.  So whether it’s for fun or competition, lets hit the gym, field, court, trail, pool… wherever it is you do your thing!

Check out some of the amazing athletes I’ve had the privilege to hang out with (and follow around with a camera ;) )

The Photo Nomad Documents Southern Colorado

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 5.07.24 PMI’m a Colorado transplant.  My husband and I moved here from the midwest for the sun and the mountains and we’ve never looked back.

There is just something about this state that makes me want to capture everything on camera…  the landscapes, the people, the culture.  Everything.  So if you love Colorado the way I do, check out these links to my photography of the people, sights, events and recreation that make this place so darn special!